My Current Protective Style

I decided to style my hair in mini 2 strand twists for this month and hopefully it will last into next month.  Feb. 10, 2011 will be my 1 year anniversary being natural!! I already notice a significant amount of growth since i did my big chop last year and in order for my hair to retain even more length I’m going to continue to keep it in protective styles as much as possible.

This style was achieved on dry hair, just after washing and deep conditioning.  While my hair was still wet i sectioned it off into about 6 or 8 sections and applied my leave in conditioner plus a mix of castor oil and aloe vera gel.  Then i sat under a hooded dryer with big chunky twists that i put in after adding the mix and detangling.  My hair dried very soft and felt really moisturized.  Then i began twisting using Taliah Waajid’s Lock it up gel.  It took about 6 hours with breaks to take the baby to the potty.  The gel dried soft, no crunch and no flakes! I will keep you updated on the maintenance of this style.

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8 thoughts on “My Current Protective Style

  1. I really need to invest in some of that lock it up gel, because I can’t stand using gel that flakes, that’s horrible. What would you recommend I use to make my hair grow? What did you use?

    • The lock it up gel is definitely worth the investment! As far as something that will make your hair grow, i can’t give you a specific product because i haven’t found one that will speed up the growth, but as far as keeping your hair healthy there’s a few things i use to retain the length. Please check out “My current hair Regimen” you can search for it from this page or look in the October archives. I listed just about everything that i use in my hair. Keep in mind that everyones hair is different and what works for me may not work for you. Its gonna be a process of finding what works best for your hair. When you notice something that is working, stick with it for a while. Hope this helps

  2. Very, very nice sis, those look good and they look like kinky twist people put in their hair, and yours are nice and natural, your hair is really growing, I am going to have to show Tanashia your hair, you should start doing hair in NC. I am still thinking about getting my hair cut, i wonder what my own hair would look like in those twists, I might see if Tanashia would like to get her hair twisted, I wish you was close by. But great job and keep it up!

    • I never knew that my hair would look like this! Its funny cause i was thinking about getting kinky twists before i went natural and i never got them. I been natural almost a year and my hair has grown back to the length i had when i cut it. If you decide to go natural i think you will like your hair, but it is more work once it starts growing out, to me its worth it though to have healthy hair.

  3. Those twists look great! I need to know how to get mine to look that neat and stay more than two days. Mine always come out so chunky. I use Oyin Handmade Whipped Shea and Aloe Vera Gel to twist it, I also have the ORS twist and loc gel. I think I should be doing smaller sections maybe? Besides the small part, do you part your hair for every twist as well?
    Thanks…Lookin good

    • I normally just use my fingers to part it in the back then in the front i use a rattail comb for the long part then still just grab the hair for the twists. I use taliah waajid’s lock it up gel to do these on dry hair. I had sat under the dryer with big fat twists after washing and conditioning and let it dry with my leave in and some aloe vera gel mixed with castor oil. Also make sure you detangle well and doing them smaller will probably help them last longer. every night i put a satin bonnet on and in the morning i refresh them with the castor oil and aloe vera gel mix, its not wet so it doesn’t make them curl up too much. I’m gonna show some more pics of how it looks now that they’ve been in over a week. HTH Thanks for commenting!

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