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I wanted to find a product that has a good hold and doesn’t cause flakes, also its a plus if it mixes well with other products.  I decided to try the Olive Oil Twist & Loc Gel by Africa’s Best.  Here are the

directions straight from the jar:  Directions: For Comb Twists, Double Strand or Free Hand Twists. Before applying TWIST & LOC GEL gently cleanse hair with Orcanics by Africa’s Best® Olive Oil

Shampoo, then condition with Olive Oil Deep Conditioner.  Towel dry, section hair and apply TWIST & LOC GEL. Twist hair with comb or fingers, for best results, set twists under a warm dryer.  To touch-up twists or locs at new growth, section hair and apply a small amount of gel.  Re-twist or palm roll to touch-up twists and locs.  Set under a dryer for best results.

I did not follow the directions exactly.


I used this on damp freshly washed hair with only my leave in mixture(see my hair regimen for mixture) already applied. The texture of the gel wasn’t as thick as i expected to be and not as thick as other gels such as eco styler or pro styler.  I decided to do flat 2 strand twists all over for a twist out.  I was in the middle of a 30 day no comb challenge so I did not use a comb or brush at all.  I finger parted my hair to do the twists and i applied enough gel to almost saturate each twist with the product. 

Another reason i like to finger part is so that it’s easier to hide the parts once you take the twists out.  I wrapped my hair with a satin scarf and slept on the twists overnight, in the morning they were dry.  The twists felt soft and there were no flakes or crunchy feeling. When i took them out my hair was soft but, it felt like there was a film covering it, almost a gritty like feel, kind of hard to explain.  There was really no hold and i didn’t see much definition.  

I did notice some shine, but as far as the hold, i probably wouldn’t use this gel for a twist out again although i may try it one more time this time using a comb to detangle and possibly doing regular 2 strand twists and not specifically for a twist out, just to see if that changes the outcome.  I’ll probably end up using it to slick my hair back or to lay down my daughters baby hair.

I wouldn’t recommend this product for twist outs because although it was soft and added shine, it did not hold or define my hair the way I would like it to.  Maybe if I sit under the dryer it may make a difference as well as using their other products to cleanse my hair (don’t see myself going that far).

Remember everyone’s hair is different so I am just giving you my opinion based on what it did for my hair, it may give you different results.  If you don’t like to use mineral oil this is not a product for you because mineral oil is the 3rd ingredient.  I purchased this product myself ($3.99) and I am not being paid by anyone to do this review.

Please let me know if you have tried this product and what your results were.  Let me know if you did something different for it to come out better.

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One thought on “Product Review

  1. Thanks for the info! I think that was a good review , and i probly wont be using that now because our hair textures maybe alike cuz ur my sister lol so it would probly do the same thing to my hair but who kno’s i think rebe has some ill have to try it on my hair and tell yu waht happens! 😀

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