Time for Protective styles!

♥Protective Styling♥

Winter is almost here and the cold weather means dryness for our hair and skin.  We do have options to protect our fragile hair from the elements though.  Most of you may have heard of a “protective style” before, but for those of you who haven’t I will tell you what a protective style means to me.  It’s a style that completely protects the ends of your hair which are the oldest part therefore the easiest to damage.  It also means that you are not manipulating your hair very often, giving it a chance to rest and grow.  The more we manipulate our hair, the more room we allow for breakage.  Things as simple as brushing and combing our hair can cause breakage.  Last but not least there is no heat involved in a protective style as far as I’m concerned.  Heat damages and so to protect my hair I do not apply heat to achieve my protective style nor do I use heat while my protective style is in. The less damage that you cause to the ends of your hair, the less you have to trim it therefore you will start to see your hair grow longer and longer.  If you really want to see growth, in my opinion, protective styling is a great way to go!

Protective styles can look many different ways and can even be camouflaged with a wig or a weave.  A bun is probably one of the easiest protective styles i can think of, but with short hair it’s not always achievable.  I prefer cornrows, you can also do flat twists and 2 strand twists, what ever is easiest for you to achieve, just know that when it is cold out, your hair is not going to keep the moisture the same as it does in warmer weather so protective styling is ideal.

It’s very important to keep our hair moisturized on a regular basis, this is every 2 to 3 days for me, but could be more often depending on your type of hair.  Very tightly coiled hair has a tendency to be more dry because the moisture has to find its way through the coil, so if this is your type of hair make sure that you are pulling the product through to the ends of your hair and it may help even more if you apply your moisturizer in sections using the shingling method which is like parting your hair in 4 sections then taking smaller subsections of each and adding the product one subsection at a time (if you’ve ever had a relaxer done professionally they “shingled” the chemical in using a small applicator brush).  When your hair is in a protective style that you cannot take down nightly such as braids or a sew in weave, just apply your moisturizer carefully focusing more on your hair and less on your scalp. If you can find a moisturizer in a spray pump bottle that would be ideal.  Find a good moisturizer that works for you and make sure you apply it when needed.  It’s always good to follow-up with an oil to seal in the moister when possible.

Here are a few pics of my protective style, I did this Monday (6 days ago)and have been keeping it under my satin bonnet all week because I haven’t had to go anywhere special.  When I leave the house I just slide my stocking cap back to the crown of my head and put on a knit hat or beanie. I plan to keep it in for 14 days or more if possible.

Be sure to protect your hair while you sleep with a satin scarf, bonnet, or pillow case(NEVER COTTON!!).  The slightest brush against other fabrics can cause damage.  I put my bonnet on the headrest in my car to keep my hair from breaking in the back.  If you can put a satin cover over your couch cushion where you sit most that can benefit you greatly. It may seem like a bit much, but if you want to retain length stopping breakage and split ends is a necessary step.

Let me know what some of your favorite protective styles are. Please leave a comment and rate this post!


2 thoughts on “Time for Protective styles!

  1. This is a great idea, I am gonna try it myself and my girls hair to. My favorite would be corn rows as well, for me and my girls. I learned a lot from just reading what you wrote, so thanks a lot. Keep the ideas coming!

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