Transitioning or New to Natural hair and frustrated?

Are you transitioning and have come to the point where you feel you can’t do anything else with your hair? Have you just done the BC (big chop) and can’t figure out where to go from here? I’d like to hear about some of your frustrations. I want us to be able to help each other because the natural hair journey has many bumps and potholes in the road. I’d like to share what I’ve learned and hopefully learn even more from others.

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6 thoughts on “Transitioning or New to Natural hair and frustrated?

  1. Hannah:

    I like what you’re doing with your hair, and your sight I find
    both to be very interesting and rewarding.

    Keep up the good work!

    Love Mom

  2. Looking for a site where I can share regarding natural hair. I need help. I am constantly trying new products for moisturizer and have yet to find something that works. I have 3c-4a type hair I think…possibly more 3c. My hair is somewhat kinkier in the very front top and crown of head I think. I think that this area seems to be a problem at times due to lack of moisturizer. It is really curly with corkscrew curls on 95%of my head. The sides of head have some curls that have more of a wavy pattern. The thing that seems to work best is silky elements in green bottle for curly hair. I shampoo once per week and condition daily. I do not leave conditioner in my hair as it weighs it down. Hair is too soft for that. I have to wet my hair daily for this style to work.I oil the scalp before conditioning to get some type of moisturizer but feel there must be something that will work better than oiling scalp. Some days this works and some days it does not. I have tried various expensive products that seem not to work. Help!

    • Hello and thank you for your comment/question! I can tell you that putting oil on your scalp before you put your conditioner on may be blocking the conditioner from getting to your hair. Make sure to add your conditioner and moisturizer before adding oil. Oil is a sealant and is used to seal moisture into your hair. What type of oil are you using? I have a few articles on my blog about different oils, feel free to search them. As for types of moisturizers, personally i use Taliah Waajid’s Protective Mist Bodifier followed with castor oil to seal it in. Check out my regimen for a few more tips. Let me know if you have any more questions. Thanks again for your comment 🙂 HTH

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