My Current hair Regimen

When i first did my b/c (big chop), I had watched thousands of hours of youtube natural hair videos and had been inspired to cut my relaxed hair off.  It was like i never realized there was a whole community of people who were “going natural” and were on “natural hair journeys”, while I was just tired of the way my hair felt and looked with a relaxer, anyway I want to share my hair regimen with you 8 months post b/c .  I could have very easily become a product junky had I took in every single persons advice that I watched on youtube, but I knew better.  I wanted to find a product that worked for my hair.  I chose Taliah Waajid’s Black earth Products. Here is my Regimen

  • Wash every two weeks with Taliah Waajid’s Total body black earth shampoo, I condition using Taliah Waajid’s Enhancing herbal conditioner, then pat my hair dry with a soft baby towel and add her Protective mist bodifier. Recently I have been using a recipe I learned from a woman on youtube named Kimmaytube. It contains 1 part Aloe vera gel, 4 parts leave in of your choice,  2 parts Castor oil and 1 part Jojoba oil (I use olive oil). I section my hair a shingle this mixture through each section.  I usally style my hair while its wet or just pull it back and let it air dry.  I like to use Crinkles & Curls styling lotion (also made by T.W.) I find that it give me a great hold and leaves my hair feeling super soft when it dries. I really like that it does not cause flakes or the white stuff that gel sometimes leaves.
  • If my hair is not in a protective style I will wash it once a week
  • I have Co-washed in the past, but found that its not necessary for my hair
  • Between washes i saturate my hair using a spray bottle with a mixture of glycerin and spring water then I shake it out and apply extra virgin coconut oil throughout.
  • I try to keep my hair in a protective style most of the time only letting it out for special occasions and to wash or condition.
  • I deep condition once or twice a month with Elasta Qp’s DPR-11, this stuff works wonders for my hair and I like it because it is a true deep conditioner.
  • Tip-True deep conditioners should say to leave it in for at least 15 minutes in the directions and most times also say to sit under a dryer

Let me know if you have any questions or if you want to share your regimen with us.


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