I want to feature YOU on my blog!

So i’m sitting here trying to think of some ideas for my blog while i don’t have any subscribers yet and the thought came to me to add a section where i can feature natural beauties! You can be featured for a style or for transitioning or maybe you just want to drop some knowledge on the rest of us. Whatever the case may be send me an email with pics and/or a description of why you want to be featured. Send emails to: iprefer2benatural@yahoo.com and make sure to put “Feature me” in the subject line.

Here is a guide you can follow to help you get started

1. Tell us why you decided to go natural

2. Tell us when you did your big chop or when you started transitioning

3. Tell us if anyone influenced your decision and how

4. Tell us how you felt the first time you felt your natural hair

For styles

1. Tell us how you achieved this style (if you did it yourself)

2. Tell us what products you used

3. Tell us where you are going

For transitioners

1. Tell us when you decided to transition and how long its been

2. Tell us how you have been managing the 2 textures so far

3. Tell us if you plan to do the B/C (big chop)

4. Tell us if you are being influenced by anyone to make this choice for your hair


5 thoughts on “I want to feature YOU on my blog!

  1. Nice blog, nice idea and nice pictures! I will be looking for some of your nice hairstyles and ideas for my girls as well!

    luv your sister Tamika!

  2. Hey sis!! Well as you already know, I am a transitioner and I would like to see braided styles because I know thats the best way to keep my hair for now. My hair is long and I do plan to do the BC but not this year because I wouldnt get used to it so easily and Im not sure how comfertable I would be with my hair being at a shorter length. If I were to do the BC this year it would be on Dec. 28 because thats the last time a perm ever touched my hair lol. Btw I love your website I can’t wait to see what ideas u giv me!! 😀

    -Love Theni!!

    • I am going to ad a section just for transitioners, i transitioned for about 6 months before i did my b/c so i know how hard it is to manage after you natural hair starts to really grow out and make herself known, lol. Be on the look out for that section soon.

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